RAVE: Our Vision/Mission and Demands


RAVE:  Re-igniting Assocation Values for Educators


Vision: To unify Colorado and ensure that all students receive an authentic, whole, and equitable public education in order to become productive citizens within a diverse and democratic society.

Mission:  Mobilize students, parents, teachers, AFT/NEA members, and citizens in order to educate Colorado on the consequences of current education reform and advocate for public education.

We need courageous members who will:

  • Demand equitable and democratically driven schools with equal participation from students, parents, teachers and community members.
  • Fight for a strong contract and excellent working conditions.
  • Fight for a student-driven learning environment in every classroom .
  • Demand student-driven assessment and curriculum.
  • Demand full funding of public education.
  • Demand fair and responsible teacher evaluation.
  • Empower union membership to advocate for our profession, our students and our schools.
  • Protect teacher autonomy and professionalism.
  • Speak the truth in order for members to determine the best course of action.
  • Proclaim public education as a human right and fight for it.



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